Now everybody thinks about the and all the creation of my view is that we are going to bring the I to everyone to all the companies t独家王波明对话IBM包卓蓝:中国数字化进程和疫后转型新契机hat 独家王波明对话IBM包卓蓝:中国数字化进程和疫后转型新契机like we did in the best electricitySo that’s what we are focused on now. And we are. All of people are recruit talent hiring toward this, you know r hybrid.做century 2b

Itself is a example of innovation and transformation. Looking back from the invention of the machines in the early 20th century to the world’s first computer hard disk drive in the 1950 to the voice recognition solution. Shoe box in the 1960 to leaving the PC market in the 1980 to the current quanta computer in the 21st century. IBM has always been at the fore front of a technological innovation. So what is.

是IBM secret in this innovation leadership。How are you going to spend this leadership? Marry in in sight ful to think that we have a continuous innovation and you can tell almost is part about the end. And I also we call it the value, which is. Innovation that matters for IBM on for the world, which means that we are always developing we always at the fore front of the innovation. If you take the example of computing we are on you know, on track to deliver over 1000 q bit by 2023, which is.

Absolute we just you know and published the break through innovation with the tune of me to chip, which is going to transform the way we save energy in the data center. So all of this is innovation really matters. We also think. Very highly of science and we promote science in the society. We believe the science of the people you know that has no border. And you know the world we think need science there is an emergency for science to solve some the the greatest you know the.

This problem we have in the in the hum独家王波明对话IBM包卓蓝:中国数字化进程和疫后转型新契机an kind right now and especially when they meet but also climate change. So with this in mind, we also investors in development all of the world in China and you know we attract the best Alan and through this culture of that. But also tired. We sustain the continuous innovation, that’s what we are doing OK. So in your new English ative IBM has decided to go all in hybrid cloud and AI in 2020.

What driving to make this decision? Well, I mean, we we call it a platform hybrid in the moving on and you’re absolutely right. This is a profound shift. At the same time that we we position of strategy, by the way, we decided to spin off the manager.

Form of choice for all the banks in the world, the lodge banks in the world. And the second was that you know the service is business where we create the platform that lead to the manager is will also the consult ING services and then the 3rd was the middle with software. And there’s a very strong you know that has created value for I mean. Care for our clients and for our shoulders, you know for decades. So we are now all in hybrid. It’s very clear that you know this first of all, I think it’s one tree and of opportunity. So it’s a big opportunity second, all the companies that we are in contact with.

From you know is that you know the the best security and sustain ability. So that is something that you know we have in mind. All of this, by the way, is going to be all the process is will be used by I now. U remember that I am 10 years ago we put this.

What’s on system and and since you know, you know the USA while, you know this’s the game and you know that was the first a machine with natural language that could recognize all the several questions and beat the best player, everybody. Speak about the eye and all the creation of my see you is saying you saying that you know we are going to bring the I to everyone to all the companies that like we did in the past. So that’s what we are focused on now on we are focus ING all our people are recruit.

Talent hiring toward this, you know r hybrid strategy OK. Could you elaborate a little more on the difference between I cloud and half brick la. So when when when you talk about the cloud, you could.

Run the cloud, you can have a private club in your House because you want you don’t want to share anything to any other provide so that the idea now is that however, some of these were close this application, they can take advantage of the innovation of one cloud provide. Because he has better to lose or better. You know it is and all of a sudden you just want to move this world we call that contains. We just want to move to another platform that is best fit for your work. How are you going to do that? It’s very man, you are very common in fact.

The fear that the clients are going to be locked in in one particular, we now want to the open innovation and open source software. That’s what we stand for an idea with that we create a platform that is called open shift, they will help the climb. Thanks to move the appropriate word wherever they want, where is the best state. So this is you know what we are trying to do this is complicated, but for all the city of the of the clients we talking to you really is really important that what exactly the need. Now this is the end of.

Opportunity because only 25% because of all this risk, which you no need to be done and that’s what we are talking now before. Find you IBM the same conference IBM has announced a series of latest and progress is the new go to market approach. For example, the tune of cheap technology and new quanta.

Computing solutions. Announcement have been closely watched by the in the street. Can you make a brief summary of what are those are for the 2021 so so that to the images for STH is a is a break through. And I mention it. This is something that not only will give more power for computing for laptop, but also for you know a smartphone that you will give you know the the opportunity for the world to consumer less energy. One of the things that I always think is that.

We are going to solve some of the biggest issue we have. Thanks to science and and break through the technology break through. Now, you know that you know over the years has been the first one in terms of public and patterns now 9000 have been over nine thousand twenty two thousand twenty one, number one. We don’t do that just to win the contest. We do that because we also want to share the innovation. So one of the thing that we doing with these two 9 meters is extremely important. The quant a also is Frank li done with IBM technology, as I said, we are on track to deliver over 1 q bit r.

But when we also have the kids in product software, they will multi ply hundred and 20, I think the potential of the power of computing then will give this innovation to the world in partner ship with university academic, but also with other in the tree. Er, and that’s the way we are trying to inform the creation with our clients. Then the the last thing is you mentioned the go to market, this is also very important are we now a lot of the good market activities to more experience for saying so? We don’t want to talk.

I am talking about it. I would rather have you been experience, you know so that you can see exactly the most valuable products that we can do it in the garage using this technology, this club back that we have announced and these AI all this news.

R because they have doing use case is without technology with our clock back with our products, you know by industry. So any industry can go can come visual ize what they can expect from our technology in the context of their business to business problems. Can I turn to the subject of IBM with China so this year is 2021 max IBM the hundred times on wall street and its times IBM with China goes back really early.

The 20th century in 1932. The first IBM machines in the country were in stores at peking union medical college in Beijing. So after the reform and opening up IBM has active lia participate in the. Development of Chinese idea in the street. So what does China market mean to IBM? So what is IBM the plan to help Chinese enterprises acceler ate there digital transformation. So first of all, I think you know we always you know extremely impressed with.

The sheer size of the market and also with the economic recovery in China after the enemy within we in the midst of the end. And it actually I would say so is you know you know the GDP is planned to grow a to sent. This is the only. The only me in the world with a such an opportunity to the second thing is, I believe that you know the 45 plan is really an opportunity for IBM to continue. We think that all the right you know o独家王波明对话IBM包卓蓝:中国数字化进程和疫后转型新契机bjective that being said by the government.
Especially to a higher to you really getting to and economy of higher value. How do you get to high value by increasing the technology and eyes in all your progress is buy in choosing a by taking advantage of multiple cloud platform. That’s precisely Australia. We are just in the midst of this and we are controlling exactly to the objective of China, also believe that we are, you know, yes us company consider as the us company, but I always told you I am French and I think that we are a global company rather than the company in.
China IBM China is the Chinese company with Chinese employees. And I think that the reality is that what we want to do is to be completely internet with our clients needs and you know making sure that you know this technology now is experienced so that we can accept the decision. You absolutely right to say that this is the objective, consumer life is totally the days we see that it’s not the time for the Enterprise to be digital. It takes much more effort because all these day to that the Enterprise driver.
In terms of Enterprise architecture, which is the evolution of the new call bank in system. So all of these are doing the important of ship with with you know, a state of Enterprise r clients with the people of people’s bank of China recently I met with the.
As many thanks IBM for the contribution that we have in the financial industry and he is looking forward to help to IBM helping out in the future. So I think we are you know well position and well I highly regarded by most of the time so we have a great opportunity. So are you talk about you know we talk. You are from China. But you no recently recent years of the relationship between China and the us are facing more UN certain t. So the voice of the global isation and the couple are often hurt. So how do you see the trend of.
把global isation and technological cooperation between China United States. Well, I mean we hear that a lot the calling the global isation. You know we also observed that some of these you, no supply chain have 50 to cause for the.
In using every development from all the venture’s around the planet, they also can you tell if it is a Chinese control and American control you can not the part of the same communities and they are controlled to the same algorithm and things that we are not using in our picnic.
那得说说。You know, of course, we want we value competition and when it’s on the level playing field, by the way, we value competition is healthy. But we believe that the cooperation and you know, continuous global isation, which is unable bye. Global companies such as IBM Frank li, you know is the only way how long have been working with with in China in China two years to over two years now I started you know in the midst of you know after one year.
It was the end and I mean some of the crisis between you and China so it’s been like and acceler ated experience even though it was only two years it feels like much more. OK thank you is a great conversation. Thank you OK.以上就是本期节目的全部内容,更多财经深度分析,欢迎搜索订阅听财经,我们下期节目见。

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